Safety Professional Staffing

istock_000003884715xsmallWe offer cost effective Safety Professional staffing to meet the needs of large corporations and smaller contractors across the U.S.  We invest the upfront time required to understand our clients’ goals and utilize a rigorous employee screening process to ensure they are attained.  In addition, we take the time to verify client satisfaction is achieved after establishing a relationship.

Diverse operations necessitate a wide array of qualifications ranging from entry level Safety Technician to Certified Safety Professional, which we provide.  Whether your organization is looking for a single individual or a team of Safety Professionals we promise to exceed your expectations.

In today’s economy it only makes sense to cut costs where you can without compromising the integrity of your operation.  Our staffing solutions eliminate the cost and time of hiring specialized personnel and eliminate direct costs to your company such as health insurance, benefits, worker’s compensation claims, etc…

We offer our Professional Staffing Services to:

  • Oil and Gas Refineriesistock_000006779202xsmall
  • Nuclear and Coal-Fired Power Plants
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Offshore Drilling Operations
  • Alternative Energy Projects
  • Turnaround and Outage Projects
  • Construction and Maintenance Projects
  • Construction Contractors

Our Professional Staffing Services will improve and sustain the quality of your current safety program and culture.  We also recruit and provide organizations with Project Managers, Schedulers, Planners, Estimators, Coordinators, etc…